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Donors List

I express my deep gratitude for all the generous donations from individuals, organizations, and businesses over the years. The programs74 is fully funded by these donations and without them, we would not exist. We would like to acknowledge the 2013 donors by listing their names below. If your name is missing, please contact us at donations at [email protected]. Please note, we can only list the donor's name as documented on the check or from PayPal.

George Trubnikov100 USD
Alexander Kutirev200 RUR
Marcel Houweling10 USD
Scott Stouffer10 USD
Michael Secord5 USD
Robert Kenneth Nelson10 USD
Alexander Siegel10 USD
Sachkov Semen500 RUR
Ian Roffey10 USD
Thomas Gulden10 USD
Bjorn Pettersson10 USD
Andrew Rymarczyk20 USD
alexandre garcia20 USD
Nick Parker5 USD
Zbigniew Wittmann500 RUR
Yuriy Lobodzets100 RUR
Hugh-Innes Walker5 USD
Gyorgy Fenyvesi10 USD
Gorin Lev300 RUR
Hugh-Innes Walker10 USD
hook chen5 USD
mike gore10 USD
Jeff Lawrence2 USD
Marlies Tiltz25 USD
Jindrich Nikles5 USD
John Clonts10 USD
Ivo Kostadinov10 USD
Hugh-Innes Walker10 USD
Mladen Bruck5 USD
Andrejy100 WMR
Andrejy500 WMR
Simon Gorse10 USD
Alexander Simonov1000 RUR
Andrey Pozhogin500 RUR
Viktor Brucky5000 RUR
Tony Corona5 USD
Lev Gorin250 RUR
Szabo Mark2 USD
Richard Eagland25 USD
Sergii Rozhko10 USD
John Stampfl10 USD
Horacio Bouzas10 USD
Jeremy Child5 USD
Wegatech Electronic10 USD
Dieter Mayer5 USD
Thomas Zenner5 USD
Gordon Allison25 USD
Alican Kayikci5 USD
Fernando Gaspar5 USD
Stefan Hufnagl10 USD
Raphael Houri5 USD
Allen Neoh5 USD
Vitaly Uvarov300 RUR
Sven Eliasson5 USD
Joseph Lukacovic10 USD
Victor Petere5 USD
Fernando Eid Pires7 USD
Gennaro Massa5 USD
Andrew Pullin5 USD
Martin Esche5 USD
Mark West10 USD
Walter Trojan10 USD
Rudolf Wagner40 USD
Ivan Korobeishikov300 RUR
E Sargent William10 USD
Bodla Abid10 USD
etank10 USD
Ehrhardt Nikolai15 USD
Michael Howard25 USD
Maximilian Gaul10 USD
Frank Volker5 USD
Lay Eng Chan5 USD
Maurice Marks5 USD
Yves Accard18 USD
Rudolf Schwietering10 USD
Private person15 USD
Makarand Phatak10 USD
Martin Winkelhofer5 USD
Jean Guy Dulong3 USD
Chris Smith5 USD
Serdar Kiziltoprak5 USD
Andrew Smith5 USD
Zoltan Cseke5 USD
R Pai5 USD
Tishampati Dhar5 USD

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