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Project MSpeech

MSpeech MSpeech - a program for speech recognition using Google Speech API voice commands, transfer the recognized text into other applications, and much more.

Developer: Mikhail Grigorev
License: GNU General Public License (version 3)

Main features:
  • Voice Recognition using Google Voice API for more than 50 languages.
  • Activation of recording predetermined signal level.
  • Unlimited number of commands that can be added through the user-friendly interface.
  • Ability to assign hotkeys for start-stop recording-recognition.
  • Transfer the recognized text in the input field of other applications using different methods.
  • Correction after recognizing text and to transfer to the input field (Word substitution on the list, change the first letter of a sentence to uppercase).
  • Work through a proxy server.
  • Ability to select the sound source.
  • Changing the interface language (English, Russian).
  • Voice synthesis through Microsoft SAPI (use RHVoice), Google Text-To-Speech, Yandex Text-To-Speech, iSpeech Text-To-Speech, Nuance Text-To-Speech.

Русская версия English version
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